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Early Childhood Policy, licensing regulations

  • Policy reform for early childhood education programs. 

  • Licensing procedures, improved inspection measures, and curriculum guidelines for childcare centers (nurseries)

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Workforce analysis research 

“Who is taking care of our children?”

This research led to major developments in the local laws concerning young children.


Training Education Inspectors

  • In partnership with our local partner, 

  • Revised inspection checklist for child department in MOSA

  • Training sessions 

  • Coaching and mentoring 

  • Pilot study for new checklist in 10% of centers in the country 

  • Announcement of project was in Emirates Today Newspaper

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Health and Well-being

  • Design and implementation of work-life balance programs: parenting skills development, social emotional development, child protection, etc.

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  • Through our local partner we organized a local conference involving Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, Media, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Universities, and including international speakers.

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Teacher training

Provided training for 70 KG teachers in partnership with Ministry of Education.


Early Childhood Policy, licensing regulations

  • Took part in stakeholder workshop for the development of the education learning standards for children aged 3 to 6 years. 

  • Provided review and feedback to standards 

  • Successful launch of document was announced in Al-Ittihad newspaper


Zoning Criteria

  • Took part in revising zoning criteria for childcare centers. 

  • Announcement of project was in Emirates Today Newspaper.


Research in Emergency Preparedness in school and childcare settings

  • Conducted a research of teacher readiness for emergency situations in schools and childcare settings. 

  • Following the research, a training session was conducted in presence of Ministry of Interior Child Protection Center 


Training Framework

  • Development of training framework for police officers and social workers for investigation of child abuse and neglect.

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