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Empowering Future-Ready Education Systems

Advance International offers unparalleled expertise, data-driven solutions, and measurable results. By fostering global partnerships, encouraging inter-agency collaboration, and facilitating public-private cooperation, we tackle worldwide challenges in education, child protection, and leadership capacity enhancement.

About Us

Advance International collaborates with local and international non-profit organizations, governments, and service providers to devise strategies and solutions that enable the execution of diverse projects and programs globally. Our proficient team boasts specialized skills in Early Childhood Development, Child Protection, Leadership and Policy Development, and Strategic Planning.

We work with…

  • Social Entrepreneurs

  • Investment Firms

  • Academic Institutions


At Advance International, we understand that each organization has unique needs and challenges. That's why we offer a diverse range of services, designed to empower businesses and institutions to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Our expert team is dedicated to providing tailored, innovative solutions that drive growth, improve efficiency, and foster a brighter future for all. Discover the transformative power of our five key services:

Earth and Space

Global reach and impact

We are proud to have successfully partnered with organizations across diverse regions, delivering tailored services that drive lasting impact.

  • North America: Supporting United States and Canada organizations to develop cutting-edge strategies and solutions that drive growth and competitiveness.

  • Asia: Empowering organizations in rapidly evolving markets, such as India and Southeast Asia, to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive sustainable success.

  • Middle East: Navigating the unique challenges and opportunities present in the Middle East, advancing education, child protection, and leadership development.

  • Africa: Supporting African organizations to promote sustainable growth, improve education systems, and enhance child protection measures in a rapidly changing landscape.

Past Projcts

Advance International takes pride in our diverse portfolio of past projects, showcasing our commitment to creating lasting change in the areas of education, policy, and capacity building. Here are some highlights of our transformative work:


Championing Supplier Diversity and Inclusivity

Advance International takes pride in being a WBENC and SDO certified small business, dedicated to helping our clients achieve their supplier diversity objectives. We firmly believe in the power of a diverse and inclusive supplier base that accurately reflects the communities we serve, ensuring equal opportunities for all companies in the procurement process.

Our commitment to Supplier Diversity Programs not only enhances the competitiveness of procurement but also bolsters the economic well-being of our communities. By collaborating with certified minority and women-owned businesses, we develop innovative, cost-effective solutions that drive sustainability and capacity building.

As a women-owned and led organization, our Leadership Team celebrates diversity and is devoted to fostering inclusion, excellence, and transparency. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, collaboration, and respect for all individuals in the communities and nations we serve across the globe.


1007 Chestnut St

Newton, MA 02464



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